Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Did you see IT?

Hmmm,see what??? The Lunar Eclipse of course.... It was an awesome event. Started watching around 3:51 A.M. and finished viewing at 5:37 A.M. from my location in central Iowa. Kept running between the computer and the sliding glass doors facing the southern sky. Woke my husband up to see what things looked like at 4:47; just a little before it was totally to the full coverage point. He tottered back to bed, but I am up for the day having had my first cup of coffee already...Another cup isn't far off. So, how many early risers were able to catch the eclipse this morning???? Have a great Day!

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Now is that an itch, or is that somebody at my back door ? As I sat here at the computer pre-dawn. The rain had encouraged one of the four little raccoons to "Seek Shelter in a Sturdy Building." Namely my house. Turning on the light , making noise, and opening the door only scattered away the 3 not on the steps. The one that was perched on the steps persisted with his/her scratching. De ja vue - brought back memories of almost a year ago when a pair of raccoon children had the same thought. ------------------------------ To Be Continued ------------------------------ Here it is another day - way before sunrise ,4:00 A.M. to be exact...I hear some activity on the steps to the sliding glass door. Curiosity has me searching for the source of the "scratch,scratch,scratch" which seems overly loud to be coming from the outside. Turning on the kitchen light . I see a pointy nosed, black masked, four legged critter looking back. It was working furiously at the screen, which can no longer be considered a barrier to keep out the insects; it wasn't detered until I began shining a small flashlight beam into its eyes. Drove the first culprit away for a few minutes. Wasn't to long until more grating sounds could be heard. Yes, now the WHOLE crew, count them! 1-2-3-4 are trying to find a way in out of the wet... No success - time to be off to the next project ; ) Sure glad they lost interest .... But as Arnold Schwarzenegger would say "I'll Be BACK"...can be heard as they scurry off to get into mischeif somewhere else...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Meeting Like Minds

Last month I found an internet community over at MyBlogLog. Then I typed in "Deer Hunting" in the search box. WooHoo! Hit the jackpot! Certainly many types of blogs on the same topic, different styles of writing. All had the general consensus from women and men that hunting is one avenue to get back to nature - a clan activity. Hunters go off to bring home the prey and have a story to relate of their experiences. Love it! ; ) We all like to have success stories of hitting the target whether it be big game or the little varmints that can make life a system of potholes. Be it by handgun,shotgun, rifle, bow, or trap in the case of our trapping cohorts. I will continue to be mult-faceted at "Timber Life", but this is a favorite topic of conversation. Wrapping things up for this post I would like to mention some of the new contacts I have made...If I don't get them all please keep checking back to the links list - you will see them posted there. Please take time to go over and check out these websites. I have found some instruction on hunting as well as some giggles. Thanks for stopping by! New Links http://www.bodocktimes.blogspot.com/ http://www.huntinglife.com/ http://www.huntingjunky.com/ http://www.hunting-secrets.com/ http://www.mariandeer.blogspot.com/

Monday, August 13, 2007

When will it cool off?

Oh the summer heat! When will it end? Sounds like relief will be on the way in a few days. Had to drop by to let you know about the activity happening around here. I have had to laugh several times about the antics of our 4 legged friends that roam the timber . Lets see...the deer fawns, does (as in deer moms ; ) ), and raccoons. Our twins here have showed their playful side as they grow up. One can be grazing while the other acts as though they are possessed. Jumping,jostling and kicking up their heels to instigate the"Tag You're It" reflex. Funny creatures they are...They exhibit behavior much like our human children when they interact with one another. Sunday morning as I sat looking out into the back yard I observed a doe feeding in a spot where we often see them visiting as of late. From another direction came a mother raccoon and trailing up behind her were four clones all in a line. The deer looked up to see what was coming her way....the mother raccoon looked up to see what was standing in front of them. It ended up the raccoon didn't want to get any closer to the deer so she did a u-turn into the timber and all of them waddled off to find more suitable hunting conditions. Sure, it would have been more fun for you to see yourself but this is the best I can do for you at the moment. Are you beginning to see any changes that might indicate fall is fast approaching? I have started to see the Cottonwood and Burning Bush leaves changing color... The oaks and hickories are beginning to shed some of this year's nut crop,the walnut trees seem to be filled with huge amounts of squirrel food as well. Some of you might already be aware but the acorn is used by more than squirrels as a source of food. The deer and turkey find them a tastey treat too. Boy ! It looks like this edition of Timber Life has gotten a bit longer than usual. Been away awhile and I'm in the sharing mood ; ) Time to send you off to find your own "neck of the woods"...