Thursday, September 27, 2007

Trek to the Hills

On the road...Time to get out of Iowa for a change of pace. Turning 50, decided it would be great to wake-up in a place to which I have grown fond. The Black Hills of South Dakota - an awesome area to hangout for a few days. Thursday morning September 20th before 7:00 A.M. we tucked in Hubby's Voisin 3/5 airplane. Since there isn't going to be any flying accomplished for at least 6 days we needed to make the wing tips less desirable to the mouse population. They have become ardent fans of the new apartment complex since the plane has been hangared here at home. Passing road side water holes, ponds, and lakes through Iowa,southern Minnesota, and middle South Dakota brought to view all the different types of waterfowl still taking refuge for food and rest. In northern Iowa along Interstate 35 we saw one of the big birds of flight not regularly seen. However, we did know what was rising off the pond, winging its way upward... a banded Trumpeter Swan. It was exciting for me to see. Another sight becoming more frequent are the big Wind Generator farms being created to provide the country with more energy. We saw trucks hauling sections of the generators everyday we were on our trip. A total of 2,926 miles. What could this mean for our migrating bird populations? Getting back to the end of our day on Thursday the 20th, we reached our destination at the Super 8,Keystone,SouthDakota. Albeit a tourist destination but a very peaceful place. It is at the end of their peak summer season - still found it to be bustling during business hours. Will be sharing more of what we experienced in our few days in the hills. Stay tuned...

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