Monday, January 15, 2007

It's a Remington

My husband and I did exchange gifts last Wednesday night , January 10th. The speculation that I was getting a shotgun had been laid to rest. It is a fact that he took counsel with our neighbor and returned to the local gun shop. The shotgun is a Remington, Model 870 Youth Express, Pump Action,21" barrel,20 gauge, Rem Choke. Otherwise known as a "Lady's Gun" as well... Because of my short stature other full sized shotguns are a bit hard for me to handle. Having control when it comes to aiming at a moving animal is a high priority. I am looking forward to the opening of the hunting seasons next fall...After a summer of practice with my gift I should be able to provide food for our table, harvested from our land. Thanks Honey !

Snow or Ice ?

What was the weather at your house? Snow or the ice that has caused a lot of damage through the south and Midwest ? Here in Iowa we had some freezing rain but not any huge accumulations like our neighbors around us have had to contend with. Then the snow arrived. The meteorologist had given a time frame for expected arrival - they were only an hour off. Maybe, because they were forecasting for the metro area not 35 miles into the boonies. We do have some beautiful white ground cover. Last night, at the "deer hour", they came to feed. The snow blowing, they chose to stay in the timber rather than to venture out to the bean field. I had to chase a year old buck away from chewing on the yew shrub out in front of the house. Before the snow began to pile up I chased a deer away from my flowerbed. Where a sweet william plant had greened up from our unseasonably warm temperatures. It had been sniffing the air , smelling the essence of nitrogen . I opened the back door and told it to find other things to eat. The skies have cleared, now the wind has picked up. We have some small drifts in the driveway within view of the window by my desk. Time to wrap this entry up ...Everybody stay warm!