Monday, July 9, 2007

Bambi and a Half

A month ago I reported seeing a new fawn not many days old at first sighting.
July 4th , I was able to catch two little deer sauntering around with their mom in and around the front yard.
They had been enjoying a nibble at the honeysuckle shrub when I first decided to try to get their picture. Wouldn't you know it...I didn't move fast enough and my camera didn't want to take pictures when it was finally in position. You got it ! The first attempt at photographer was not a success. Patience my dear woman, P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E ....
It wan't very long of a wait for them to begin grazing on the grass in the front yard after making a full circle through the pasture, into the timber, and then to the front yard.
Certainly, they have found their way around. Loving the corn that is now tasseling and silking out. My the damage they can do. Lots of nitrogen though. Just what they are looking for in these summer months to feed babies , as well as bulk up for the fall and winter seasons.
No new squirrel babies to report yet.
Raccoon babies were seen one twilight trailing behind their mother. What a crew. No wonder ground dwelling birds sometimes have a hard time getting established since the eggs become food if not well hidden.
Goodness how this year is passing so quickly. Won't be to long until we start looking for the hunting licenses to try our hand once more at putting food into the freezer.
Until next month enjoy this weather. Get out the fishing pole, go on a picnic, sit in the shade, or on the front porch and watch the sunset. ; ) Take some time to watch nature going on around you. Have Fun !