Sunday, September 2, 2007

GroundHog Hilton

Are you feeling those summertime varmint blues? Boy, sometimes you wish you could just push the wildlife back into the timber... for a little while.;) We have had increased groundhog activity for the last three or four years in and around the yard; there are at least 6-7 dens that I personally know exist. Acorns have drawn the attention of one (?) marmota monax to the driveway.The oak tree providing the delicious snack has a hallow about three feet off the ground that has become an "INN" of note. When a leisurely feast is interrupted by the resident Homo Sapiens it is a quick trip to the spa. GroundHog Hilton Sharing an episode that happened here in July will show the comic side of the groundhogs character...I had nursed some plants dug up from my daughter's yard for a month in black poly-pots. The decision was made to get these plants into the ground to get established before cold fall and frigid winter temperatures arrive. Putting bone meal in the bottom of the hole may have been a factor - can't prove it, but the holes were hollowed out of the soil in which the amendment had been incorporated. It all started one forenoon . I had to leave to make a trip to town, a 20 minute excursion. Upon my return there was no doubt some digging animal was either trying to take advantage of the soft, disturbed soil ,or wanted to have a tender root salad; tucked the plant back in a couple more times in the next few days. Then all the plants - one by the front door deck, one in the backyard flower garden and 2 plants down the drive a half mile succumbed to the marauding varmint. In my disappointment I discovered the animal had a penchant to redistribute our grand children's bubble pipes and water-guns. It kept moving things every time it dropped in for a visit. Maybe it is my imagination, but I think those little animals are pretty intelligent. Have I spent too much time by myself ?