Thursday, October 11, 2007

How Timber Life Is Evolving

Thanks to Editor stopping by and giving me something to contemplate; at least for a couple of seconds anyway ;) Guess I should try to keep it short and focused. Here is my answer to “What got me to blog and how it has changed since I started.” Honestly, I have been thinking about why I came to the World Wide Web for a platform, not thinking I would really get any feed back. That is at least not until I found “MyBlogLog”. It probably adds a reason to have more depth in relating your thoughts, so many very good writers. The desire to hunt was stirred after my kids left home and the guns would be going off on our property. The guns of those who had been granted permission for the shotgun deer seasons. It got to be where I wanted to be one of them. My in-experience and frustration as a relatively new “woman” hunter made for some funny scenarios running across my minds eye in order not to become totally incapacitated by “not bringing home the turkey, pheasant, or deer.” Facing Hubby , on occasion family, and the guy who lent me his old Remington 11-87,2o gauge, they think I just go out to hear the gun go off. Brings the rush of disappointment which I have to learn to laugh about and head out again. I like to relate the things going on around me in nature because I see it everyday out my windows. In the night I hear critters sauntering around . That is why I take on the critter characters, it is my way of coping with their mischievous antics.(Psst! she's telling on herself) We are multi-faceted individuals , it is my intent to move from interest to interest. I would like to invite you to go along for the ride ! Morning Coffee Clatch

I Found IT !

Over at YAHOO 360 the definition of "meme" mentioned by Editor in his post of October 10th in trying to get Phillip,Moose and Dana to carry on additional topics for the reason why they write. Meme's the Word What is a meme? From the dictionary: meme (mēm), noun: A unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another. In the world of blogging, a meme is any idea that is spread from one person to another. It can be anything from a funny news story to a game of some sort to a what-type-of-kitchen-appliance-are-you? quiz. If you got the idea from someone else and you’re spreading the idea to other people, you’re contributing to a meme. Blog Tag: There are a million versions of this one too – basically write about something, and then tag someone else. Of course, with a game like this you don’t necessarily have to wait to be tagged – just go ahead and start a tag blog! (Thanks to Yahoo 360 for their definitons) How fun is this?!? I want to "meme" Jody over at Please don't be to upset ; ) In essence I think we already do a lot of this. Find topics of conversation we would like to continue and develope to say in a different fashion...