Friday, March 21, 2008

Should We Eat the Fish?

The advisories are beginning to surface here in Iowa about the consumption of fish caught in parts of our rivers and lakes. Largemouth Bass have been found to carry high levels of mercury in their tissue on examination by the tests conducted for the Iowa DNR, click here for more specific information. Predator fish species are being included with some sports fish categories. The Iowa DNR,in association with the Iowa Department of Public Health, have developed a site that will inform the fishermen and women. Letting them know what fish are being effected and what locations to watch for the fish concerned with the consumption limitations can be found. It probably isn't a problem exclusive to Iowa. Checking with your local authorities may point out some fish you should consider eating limited quantities of. That is not to say you should curtail your fishing activities;the terms "Catch and Release" come to mind. The weather is changing and Spring is on the way...Get out there and have a great time!


Windyridge said...

No it's not exclusive to Iowa. There are many lakes here in NY with similar warnings. Fortunately so far the lake where our cabin resides is not one of them.....yet. That gives me a good idea idea for a blog topic. I hope you don't mind!

Eagle Eyes said...

I would not encourage eating the fish. We have some similar problems on a few waters here in Idaho.

Catch and Release will work on those brute Bass in your area!

CDGardens said...

windyridge - It is fortunate that you aren't limited yet at your lake. Hope it takes a long time if ever for you to have to be careful what fish you eat.

Glad I could help with a blog topic. ;)

CDGardens said...

eagle eyes - There seems to be other chemicals other than mercury making eating the fish kind of risky.

Being able to cast a line with a return is what counts in my view.