Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sadie Says

It is I ,Sadie, the wonder dog. Back again for another what's going on at Timber Life with Mom and me.
Can I say whew! The life of a pampered puppy can be a challenge...
Mom is keeping busy with my antics for sure and trying to work on online independent study in the Medical Coding and Billing field along with other summertime activities). Right now she is working on the Computer Literacy module. It is divided up into 15 weeks with 3 days scheduled in each week. She is able to move as fast or as slow as she feels comfortable. Mom got started the last part of March, and wants to finish before the 15 month deadline set by the educator. Oh, the educator is understanding if you request additional time, but like always she has a drive to "Get 'er done." "Lord Help Us All!" Did I say Antics? Lets see now. At this house there are all kinds of cords for computers and phones. You know the kind of place, where they have gadgets. Yummy carpets to chew, doors you can push against and they will open...Just the regular kind of puppy stuff to keep things lively. My Mommy still loves me even when I seem like a pest. I must say I have my heartwarming qualities too. When I want a treat I will sit and do my dance trying to decide which paw I will present to shake. Mom points to the paw she wants, sometimes I slip the other one up for some affection, and a super tasty piece of a Science Diet puppy treat. Let me tell ya if this is all I have to do to keep 'um happy around here I have it made in the shade...Talking 'bout shade. Ahhh, I'd better leave that for another day.
Sadie Says have a great day everybody. I know I will!


Anonymous said...

Sadie looks pretty comfy in that picture. You can tell she's got a pretty good set up.

CDGardens said...

kristine - We are having some thoughts about how comfortable a hunting dog should be.

The jury is still out...;)

Windyridge said...

Wow, it's a dogs life!
How do you like that medical coding? I hear it's a great well paid job. Is it hard to learn? I am always looking for ways to work from home especially now with the cost of fuel.

CDGardens said...

windyridge - You and I think a lot a like when it comes to having a job that can be done from home.

It appears at this point though that Medical Transcription, or Virtual Office Assistant would be better suited. Maybe website design, or computer program-ming would be a position that has potential too.

I could go on...;)

SimplyOutdoors said...

Very cute picture of Sadie. She looks like she might be a little spoiled. Don't worry, because our dog gets to enjoy the same comforts of home.

My mother-in-lay does Medical coding as well and just went to a conference in Florida. Sounds like a pretty good gig.