Monday, March 24, 2008

Antler on a Tree

Antler on a Tree you say... Now what in the world could that possibly mean?!? Had some fun exploring recently. Took a climb up a huge staircase, behind a mountain, in the back middle of the interior of a store we see spoken of quite frequently on this blogspot.Cabela's Mountain These antlers have long since parted company with the original owners. Imagine they may have been procured from antler auctions like those that took place at Dubuque,IA., at the 7th Annual Whitetail Classic Sport Show & Antler Auction ,this month. Antler Tree Only seeing these creations online or in catalogs didn't have the same effect as getting up close. My imagination went back to the beginning when the antler was still attached to the Whitetail "Big Buck", or in the case of Moose or Elk "Big Bull", sporting it high above his head. Were there some reindeer antler in there too? Moose ChandelierCaribou Chandelier For some reason my mind wanders to the question"how many dogs would be using an antler table lamp for a chew toy given the opportunity?" Antler Lamps Looks like something I wouldn't mind including in a cabin setting - to dream of the future... Do you own antler art, other than the trophy bucks hanging on the wall?