Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Birds, Birds, and MORE Birds!

Look what the warmer temperatures are bringing north. Grackles on the WingBirds, Birds, and MORE Birds!Can You Count Them?Trees Full? Twice a year we experience over populations of a bird called the Common Grackle. Migrations from the far north to the south in the fall and back again this time of year. So, after snapping the pictures above, there was a pair of birds that seemed to be walking around looking things over. Placing human values on their activity; it was if they were checking out the surroundings in an effort to find suitable accommodations. We have had geese in the neighborhood for years, because of a pond they adopt for raising a family on their return from the south, but until now, they have only visited the surrounding fields.
Canadian Geese Guests
It wasn't long after I got this picture they felt the need to flee, hmmm... or is that fly?