Thursday, June 5, 2008

Spring's Alive!

Spring is coming alive here at Timber Life.
The Weigelia shrub is in heavy bloom and becoming an attraction for the hummingbird population. Hubby got me a Gift Card to a local Garden Store eight years ago for "Mother's Day" ; this was what I chose. It comes back year after year, blooms heavily in the spring ,with a second bloom in the late summer. This one has beautiful red flowers... Yesterday, as Sadie and I were taking one of our morning walks the first fawn of the season was sighted in the middle of the pasture to the right. The doe sipping at the puddle has been hanging around the yard. I can only speculate it is the same one that was watching me mow last year when I found a young fawn - posted on June 11,2007, in "Bambi Alert!" The turkey was having a fantastic time playing in the mud. Jumping in and out like a little kid, scratching to see what it could find. Seeing and hearing at least one close by daily has been a change. The population expanding they may become more and more visible. It has been 16 years since we moved here on June 12th. With each passing year it seems as though we are be assimilated into the wilderness surroundings - the wild life coming closer, to call it their home as well...