Monday, June 9, 2008

Vistor from the East

We have been having some pretty intense storms the last three or so days. Enough wind, lightening, and thunder, to make your hair curl. Setting the stage I must add that on one of our walks Sadie and I came pretty close to some lightening with the clap of thunder right over our heads. We scurried for cover so as not to tempt fate with a second strike of lightening. How often do you see unusual sights when you are out walking in the Timber or your own yard for that matter? Here is what we saw on one of our trips around the yard Anyone venture a guess to what it might be? He is related to the local bird to the right.

If you guessed Peafowl you were correct. Pat yourself on the back. We are guessing it is a Peacock with trailing feathers trimmed. A tended group lives about 2 1/2 miles due east of us. He got away from his enclosure in the storms that have been causing some high anxiety for birds, beasts and beings ...