Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sadie Says

Another weekly installment of "Sadie Says" coming right up! Been a couple of weeks away from the keyboard . Where to start? Mom has been working outside more lately. She is starting to take me with her when she is in the yard close to the house. Have to get used to following her around. The decision to pick some raspberries at the edge of the yard left me to sit, OR to expend some of my energy. Did a little bit of both. For a few minutes I picked raspberries off the canes closest to the ground, while Mom got the berries at the top. Then it came to me to make a game out of the whole thing. I became an explorer. Dense weeds and brush - no matter! Didn't get to far away before I lost sight of Mom. (not to hard I'm still kind'a short) Really don't go very far yet , need my Mom to keep me happy. One of the bad things about heading into the weeds. I have to sit still and let the hairbrush take out all the round little seeds I got stuck in my ears when I get back into the house. EEEEK! Hate that thing!!! After a full day of keeping Mom occupied, time to stop, and enjoy the sunset...Hope you all have a few minutes to stop and enjoy what nature has to offer. Be seein' you around. ;)