Friday, July 18, 2008

New Bass Pro Shop Location

Bass Pro Shop announced on December 18,2007 they would be building a new store in the Des Moines,IA metro area. A public sign of their intentions became visible along the Highway 65 Bypass intersection with eastbound Interstate 80 within the Altoona city limits.
Looks like a great place for easy access. It won't be more than a half hour drive from my place. I will certain;y have to give it a test run when the doors finally open. ;)


Fallen Hickory Had some 10:00 P.M. strong weather. Sounded like a mighty rushing wind . Found some broken tree tops , leaves down, grill flipped over... That is the first survey of the situation. There isn't time to walk far at the moment. Have to get read to take my Mom for a knee surgery consultation today. The Hickory on the ground stood among some dead Red Elm until last night. Question comes to mind why the Hickory???