Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Deer Hunting in the Open

The soybeans were harvested this past weekend in a field next to our timber. Leaving the field wide open, nowhere to hide. It is interesting in what ways die-hard hunters are able to capitalize on various hunting scenarios. This building belongs to a guy who works for the leasee of the field.The owner of the building and his friends are avid hunters in the area. In all seasons... They will probably begin using the structure very soon since the first Bowhunting season arrived in Iowa on Ocotber 1st and runs until November 30th. The second season opens December 17th and will run through January 10th. I can see the possiblities in using this deer stand in the gun seasons as well. It took it's station a year ago further to the east of this location in the corn field. I would be interested in observing the deer/hunter activity as the seasons progress.