Friday, October 24, 2008

Buck Rub

It is the season for the mighty whitetail buck to start leaving more evidence of his secretive summer presence. This is the second rub in a weeks time that I've discovered in the close vicinity. The Hawthorne trees seem to be the focus of the rubs. That is a fact I will have to keep in mind when looking for other rubs, and scrapes, to see how common it is in this timber. Yesterday, this rub did not exist in an area I have begun to groom as a resting spot behind my garden. This little cul-de-sac has been a very popular meeting place for deer of all ages in the past. It is to the south of the hickory that fell a few months ago.The perfect spot to create a funnel for the upcoming shotgun season in December...

Pheasant Opener

Tomorrow morning, October 25th, here in Iowa, hunters and their four legged friends will be taking to the field in search for what is being considered the scarcely populated upland bird, the pheasant. Forecast for success by officials still has a positive outlook for those who put in a lot of time in their hunt. Presently, we are in a cycle where large groups are not apart of the landscape. Standing crops in fields may provide barriers to what could already be a challenge for the first day. Opinions heard from an avid resident hunter supported hunting as usual. He was going to take his dog out for some exercise with his friends to see if they could find a few of the Ring - necked Roosters. As for me this season - I only plan to listen for activity and observe. The general consensus of our immediate area is a serious shortage. The Iowa season runs from October 25, 2008 - January 10, 2009.