Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sadie Says - Mole Patrol

Hello Ladies and Gents! Sure has been a while since I stopped by the computer to send off a note...This weather has been so inviting - I need to go outside and play.. My Mom caught me in action this afternoon. Walk anywhere around our yard and you will see these raised pieces of grass, tunnels , tunnels and more tunnels. Being a dog, I just can't leave the loose dirt alone. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to walk on by when I hear something going on under the ground. Stopping to listen, I strike my pointing pose, then Mom knows for sure what is going to happen next. The same thing happens everytime - sticking one front paw into the dirt pulling out a scoop of dirt, then the opposite front paw goes into that glorious cool, soft, dirt. Soon my mouth gets involved with pulling the grass out , my nose goes into the hole and I keep on opening up the ground.I usually have a blast moving dirt like a shovel. Pretty soon my mouth is so full of what has now become mud that I can't close my teeth. Heading inside I have to get a drink so my tongue won't stay glued down.
Today turned out differently...The Mole is M-i-n-e!!! ;)


The Hunter's Wife said...

Is that the mole in Sadie's mouth? Oh my. So what happen to it?

SimplyOutdoors said...

Can Sadie visit my house? We have those critters everywhere.

CDGardens said...

The Hunter's Wife - Yes, that is the mole in Sadie's mouth. She played with the animal until it expired and continued to treasure it yet today when she went outside. I believe it has become apart of Sadie's digestive system at this point.

Simply Outdoors - Sadie would love to dig up your yard for you. Are you a good landscaper? Might take a bit to get things back in order after she gets done. A one dog wrecking crew. ;)