Monday, February 2, 2009

Survival Aides

There are times in our lives when we wish we had ways of hearing the news,or possibly break the monotony with a little music. They would certainly come in handy in the areas struck by the ice storm last week. Having gone through an ice storm ourselves a couple of years ago... We know how important having a distraction to the constant quiet can be. News of the outside. Oh yes! They would be great to add to the kit for the car if you should have to travel long distances. No matter what time of year. Today, I will be telling you about two emergency devices produced by a company called Emergency Essentials. Hubby and I received them from a friend for Christmas. Both independent of batteries that need to be changed,no need for a direct electrical connection. Nothing more than a way to crank the crank is necessary to power either the solar radio, or the emergency flashlight. Solar Radio PanelJust 5 hours of full sunlight will provide 30 minutes of listening time. However, if you are able to fully charge the NiMH battery,which takes 35 to 40 hours,listening time increases to 7 hours. Solar Radio CrankAnother attribute for energy production in case the sun isn't available is the hand crank.Cranking for one minute will power the battery for 20 minutes or more of continuous radio play. Solar Radio DialAn additional positive characteristic for this little radio is it's capability to pickup AM/FM and Weather band stations. We haven't taken it out of the house yet,but were impressed after taking it out of the wrapping. Maybe even a little extra light on the subject wouldn't be a bad idea either. As you can see we haven't tried the flashlight as of this date. Better get it out of the package before we need it. I am always looking for ways to have some normalcy when things are in survival mode. One of my thoughts presently is "How will extreme cold effect performance?" Do any of you have experiences with these products or others similar to them? ;)