Sunday, March 22, 2009

Shed Hunting

The weather has been absolutely wonderful for Shed Hunting. I have spent portions of three days looking through the pastures and timber areas. Sadie accompanied me yesterday. Then she went with hubby and I to take a look around the southside of the property today. Our goal was to find a match to get a pair for #4. I found that particular shed sticking out from under pasture grass, bent from the winter snow,in the north pasture yesterday before noon. It looks like it has already gone through a whole year of weathering to me. Number 3 was the first shed I found yesterday in a very conspicuous location just feet from the fence line between the pasture and the infamous corn field of last Fall and Winter. Shed #2 was found in a totally different direction. Close to a fence line too...This time along the ravine south of the house. The chewed shed, #1 , was found last year, behind my big garden. I left it outside on the front deck for decoration. As you can see, the little creatures came to reclaim what they considered to be theirs. The squirrels came to file down their teeth. They were the only ones caught in the act of wittling, but the groundhog tracks left yet another clue to the ever shrinking antler. If it should be that I don't locate another antler this Spring I will be happy...The collection is starting to grow. ;)