Friday, May 1, 2009

Fishing Choices at Timber Life

It is time to plan a fishing outing now that my "Pink" Roddy Hunter LED Lighted Reel&Rod has arrived. When I ordered I wasn't satisfied with just one fishing pole so I looked around over at Mik Lurch's website and found a ladyfish spincasting combo by Shakespeare that I wanted to try too. One way or another it looks like I will get a line in the water. Once,I wasn't to sure about using pink on my fishing expeditions,but the idea has grown on me after being introduced to it by Jody over at The Hunter's Wife. I can't possibly let Kristine at Outdoor Bloggers Summit/Hunt Smart Think Safety and Marian over at Marian's Hunting Stories,etc...,etc...,etc... have ALL the fun since they too are proud owners of the Roddy Hunter rod&reel combo. Last weekend when I visited Gun and Reel Sports in Jamestown,ND. I picked up the beginnings to start filling a tackle box. Son-in-law Justin Schnackenberg gave me some tips on stuff that has worked for him. So,walking the fishing supply isles we found some of the basics in his opinion.
The more I look at my fishing poles and tackle as I work on this post...The more I want to decide which direction I am going to go to put them in the water.