Monday, June 29, 2009

Anniversary Celebration

Our 34th Wedding Anniversary would not be spent at home... We headed out to the Texas Roadhouse for a very filling lunch. You will be greeted with the phrase "Are you ready to get the party started"?, when you enter the front door to be seated. The host/hostess staff will grab a basket of sweet white dinner rolls accompanied by cinnamon butter and lead you off to where your waiter/waitress will take your order. While you wait for the appetizer, or your main meal you can enjoy snacking on peanuts in the shell if you have some hunger pangs to satisfy. We started off with a "Baby Bloom" since there was only the two of us, we didn't even eat the whole thing,so we would have room for the main course,just needed a taste of the sauce. Hubby ordered his favorite "Barbecued Ribs" with sides of baked beans & caesar salad. I decided to have the breaded catfish with a sauteed carrots and broccoli mix with a caesar salad also. We both had the Cherry Limeade for our lunchtime libation, very tastey that is if you like sweet drinks. More than ample servings of food will either leave you full as a tick, or ready to heat and serve later at home. We highly recommend you stop by the Texas Roadhouse closest to you. It was off to see a movie next. The new Transformers : Revenge of the Fallen movie was released at the Des Moines Science Center IMAX Dome Theater on June 24th,a midnight showing no-less...Ummm, NO! We didn't go to that one. Instead I made an online ticket purchase for the 1:00 PM showing on Sunday,June 28th. I liked the perk of not having to wait in line to buy our tickets. We presented the receipt printed off at home to the cashier at the "Will Call" ticket window and was handed an envelope with our ticket to the movie and admission to the Science Center for after the movie. We waited in line at the doors for probably a half an hour before the dome was opened for seating. They had another video event of some sort before our showing. The trip to the Science Center/IMAX Dome Theater was a totally new adventure. We hadn't been to that part of Downtown in the last few years to witness the Urban improvements that have been put into place.It is like the Field of Dreams..."Build it and they will come." ;)