Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Deer Food Plots are Growing

At the Iowa Deer Classic 2008,I had the opportunity to visit with representatives of several companies that provide their own seed blends for us to plant to provide increased nutrition for the deer we hunt. The company I chose is WHITETAIL INSTITUTE , because they provided small seed packets that plant 10'x 10' plots. In my need to know, I wanted to see what blend the deer in my neighborhood would show the most interest in eating. I have planted 6 of 7 packets I received. Last summer I staked out my plots and used my brushcutter/weedwhacker to keep the surface clean of weeds and grass. This summer I was able to get the ground tilled, fertilizer and lime added. The plots sat for several months so I could follow the suggested Fall planting schedule since I missed the Spring deadlines. I applied a quick lime since I didn't have a full season to let the regular lime sit and become an active ingredient immediately to make a difference in the health of the crop. The NO PLOW packet is the last one I have left to do...I am working on an area right off the yard, south of the new house we are building. I want to be able to watch the deer from the kitchen sink, patio, family and utility rooms. I plan to spend a lot of time in the family room in the winter since that is where the fireplace will be...NO television, but sitting arrangements strategically placed for enjoying the views,reading, or knitting. When I cultivated my present little plots, I didn't take into account the lack of windows I will have facing in that direction. Now,I will need to get my trail cameras working to catch whatever deer traffic passes by these little tasty treats. Pondering my dilemma, I mentioned it to hubby, and he said we could plant a big deer plot in the pasture to the West of our house if I wanted to next year. It was definitely a surprise to me! A much welcomed chance to see what kind of animals we have wandering the timber through the summer... ;) Next Post : Deer Plot Progress