Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Vs Are Here

It is with great excitement I write this post!

Sadie and I were on our almost daily trek to the mailbox this morning. I had gone back into the house to grab the camera because I had caught two tall standing whitetails in the pasture watching our every move. I knew we would be seeing wild life today...Well, of course the deer weren't there when I got back outside!

Found some raccoon tracks going the full length of our half mile drive.Hubby saw the black eyed bandit going out last night on his way into the house after dark.

Heard Red Winged Blackbirds, water birds, and the not so pretty crow was being raucous.

The Cardinals have been doing a fantastic job of calling in the sunrise as of late, just a very positive time of the morning to be out and around.

Got a picture of our melting mountains of snow and perennial plants that are showing new life.

The Lavendar is starting to green up at the tips.

The sedum has started new growth which seems to have become food for ground hugging animals.

Then there were Vs and Vs of geese flying by.

Caught the undersides of these guys going over when I stopped to snap some shots by the airplane hangars on my way back from retrieving the mail.

It is shaping up to be a great day!


The Hunter's Wife said...

Great pictures. We are having great weather. Saw a Robin last week...spring is here!

CDGardens said...

The Hunter's Wife - Thanks! Our weather is still cloudy and cool today but better than blowing snow.

Ah, I am looking forward to seeing Robins. I've seen pictures of some about 45 miles away from us for the last 3 weeks.

Yes, I believe we can say...Spring is here!;)

SimplyOutdoors said...

I am loving this weather as well. And I had a flock pass over the house last night too.

spring is here.

CDGardens said...

Simply Outdoors - It is promising to be another nice start to next week - so hoping it stays that way.

I wonder where the geese are going home to? I bet way north since this is the first wave. ;)

Marian Love Phillips said...

Nice pictures CDGardens...I saw some Vs on a stand at the Christmas Place...I bet they are the same ones that passed over me! Love all your pictures. Suppose to get to 80 degrees tomorrow with a tornado watch in the morning, like 2:00 am. Just part of it all...

Anonymous said...

I am probably a little behind out my way when it comes to talking spring. However, I did see a couple of V's fly over this morning in the parking lot at work.

Thanks for the great pictures!

CDGardens said...

Marian Love Phillips - Thanks! I hope you missed the tornado action. Wow! 80 degrees that would be nice.:)

Mel- Here's hoping that the Spring weather reaches your location soon.

I believe the geese move just before conditions are what we deem as acceptable. I watched some turn around and go back south on Tuesday. Wednesday brought them out in full force. ;)