Thursday, January 21, 2010

Slipping and Sliding

Yesterday brought another round of Mother Nature's whims through the heartland.

The buildup of ice came before Hubby was to leave for work and his foray to the end of the drive reinforced what officials were saying about "Travel not recommended".

Momentary electrical hic-cups occurred through the day...As 6:00 P.M. arrived evening news viewing and computer use came to a halt. The dreaded" no electricity" came to be a fact. We are fortunate,our electrical outage was relatively short compared to others in the state that lost power early in the morning and as of this writing not aware of when it will be restored for them.

We pulled out the candles and the little crank handled radio received as a gift a year ago Christmas. It provided some music to accompany my reading and Hubby's drawing of a new concept plane he hopes to build at some point in the future.
Solar Radio Crank

The house was beginning to chill around 9:30 so we decided it was time to head to bed to stay warm under the additional pile of blankets. I was roused as Hubby got up to turn off  the lights and TV in the living room at 10:30. Electricity had come flowing back into the house to make the surroundings comfortable once again .

As we plan for the future in our new home we know what will be included to keep events like this from being a concern...;)