Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flannel Wearing Tomato

Oh yeah! Tomato wearing flannel...I am one of these gardeners that like to  push plants to their limits. I started my plants on March 1st . Sorting  three tomatoes out,putting them in pots to give them space to get a bigger root system... Heading me to the next level when it became apparent how good that decision was working. I wanted to risk one to the elements in an effort to get that first home-grown red juicy tomato at the earliest possible date.

We started getting whipped with extreme wind and the forecast for frost. I needed to find a solution so the tomato plant wouldn't become a victim of the elements lasting only a couple days.

I was feeling good about the steps I had taken to provide protection with an old flannel sheet - until a little while later, when I discovered the whole cage plastered up against the fence. My home-made,concrete reinforcing wire cage needed some anchoring to keep it from flying away...The cage got a tilt like the leaning Tower of Pisa, but couldn't get enough lift to take off, or fall completely over once I got the stakes in place.

The rain is here again! However, I believe it is time to shed the sheet and let the light in,what light is available. Temps are more acceptable, the sunshine is going to break-out come Friday,once more brightening the landscape for plant and human-kind. ;)