Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spike Buck still Carrying

My trail camera has been out watching for events such as you see in the picture to your left . This individual has yet to shed his little spikes from last season. The picture came off the camera on March 22nd. His first digital capture.

 I have wanted to keep an eye on antler growth of our Whitetail Buck population passing through daily.

Some of the bucks still show recent effects of rubbing their antlers off; others are on their way to new velvet development.

This picture came off the camera this morning. The young buck still seems to have no indications he might be losing his little spikes anytime soon.

We will just have to keep an eye out and see if we can catch him later sporting a new look.

This is one of my favorite trail camera pictures I have gotten this Spring.

I'm going to head off topic here -

Adding a bit of art has made it appear like a print I would like to put in a frame at a future time.

Hubby and I were given a Kodak EasyShare P730 digital frame for Christmas. We got it out of the box recently and plugged in a memory card. Easier and more economical than printing ALL my pictures off.

Oh my! Did the creative ideas begin to form then. I can keep the deer walking around the house all day.They'll never get off the trail again...

Have a great day!

Disclaimer: I am not in anyway affiliated with the Kodak company and will not receive any monetary funds for mentioning their product in my post.

Take Action to Stop Gun Ban

We are again being asked to garner public comments on a recent study of  The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

The Firearms Coalition is making gun owners aware of the actions now being considered and the timely manner in which our responses need to be submitted. Please checkout the link for more specific information.

Below is a sample comment you can paraphrase or simply cut and paste into your own email:

Subject: I Oppose Further Restrictions on Shotgun Imports

I strongly oppose further restrictions on the importation of shotguns and disagree with the findings in the ATF shotgun study.
The constitutional authority for import restrictions based on a vague “Sporting Purpose Test” is highly suspect in light of the recent Heller and McDonald Supreme Court decisions and the Court’s previous decision in Miller.
Under the definitions contained in this study, virtually all pump-action and semi-auto shotguns would be banned because all of them are capable of accepting a magazine – box or tube – capable of holding more than 5 rounds.  This and other characteristics determined to be “military” in the study are utilitarian and often significantly enhance a gun’s usefulness, particularly for people with disabilities.  Denying access to certain designs or features can effectively serve to disarm (for personal defense and sporting purposes) vast numbers of disabled veterans and others with disabilities resulting in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
There are a variety of popular and growing sports which utilize shotguns with “military” features.  These guns are dominant in USPSA, IDPA, IPSC and other popular shooting sports.  Refusing to recognize these sports as they relate to shotguns based on the implications such recognition might have on rifle and pistol importability is disingenuous at best.
Applying import restrictions does little more than increase costs and complicate compliance for US shooters and gun owners.  Foreign manufacturers remove features and adapt their firearms to comply with US import restrictions and then US shooters modify the firearms back to the desired, original configurations.  This can be expensive and legally dangerous since failing to comply with obscure provisions of the laws related to altering imported firearms can result in unintended commission of multiple felonies which carry serious penalties.
ATF should shelve all plans to implement any of the findings of this study.
           Respectfully submitted,

I strongly recommend adding some personal opinions of these actions and your feelings of potential,broader restrictions that could  be implemented. If they get the ban for shotgun imports put into law...Will they then work on domestic brands? 

After the series of shootings that has happened, we see the push to take away the rights of individuals to carry firearms of any sort. I am going to echo the frame of thought that it isn't the gun acting on it's own that causes the problem,but the person handling it...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Robins in Waiting

This past weekend was extremely moderate for this early stage of Spring here in Central Iowa. As the day progressed I observed Robins filling the fields.

Late in the day I saw a partial Albino Robin hopping around with his flight mates. I tried getting a picture of it in the field, but due to distance it didn't workout at the time. Patience gave me another opportunity when part of the flock wanted to search our backyard for a treat. Among them the Albino I caught sight of earlier.

Heading off to pick-up my memory card from the trail camera the next day, I once again found a partial Albino Robin with the pack hanging around our homestead.

According to the link I found, one in 30,000 Robins exhibit this trait.

My curiosity was sparked a few weeks ago. When my son got this picture, snapped with his cell phone,while he was out on a Disc Golf course 30 miles to the West of us.

This Robin certainly is exhibiting more absence of color than the one I saw flying around here.

Makes me want to carry a camera around more in case something out of the ordinary should happen to cross my path.

Our fields have been home to 1000's of migrating Robin Redbreasts since things have warmed up.

I am wondering if they are waiting for the snowstorms
to  move out up North before they leave the R&R they have found.

Mass ascensions from trees and ground created some awesome scenes over the landscape.

The only problems that may have kept the Robins looking over their right wings would have been the
local Red -Tailed Hawk, Sadie on her runs and me with my camera in hand.

This local was being harangued by the crows who are constantly making sure it keeps moving.

As it rose over the pasture on my way back from picking up the mail, I caught it gliding high on the wind, surveying all that lay below...

Here's wishing you a good day!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

CDGardens - 5 Sadie - 3

It is finally time to be out looking for antler sheds at Timber Life!

The first week of January I began some preliminary searches,February 24th, I started to look some more without any luck,or so I thought...The bark was starting to be stripped right and left off small diameter saplings. Bucks needing to be rid of their now bothersome antlers are making marks everywhere.I can't begin to tell you how disappointing it is to see so many trees in this state and not finding antlers close by...

While there was snow on the ground I kept watch on coyote activity originating out of the thicket where I had secluded myself for one of my short morning hunts in December.

I went to look around and ran across the skeletal remains of a button buck in my search of the area.

Sadie had been hovering around during my investigation. Camera in hand I took a picture of her with her find. I really hadn't paid close attention - thinking she may have found a rib or two to carry away. I was more interested in getting pictures and excavating the little skull from the frozen ground.
The weather had turned nippy again so I wanted to get things done.

It wasn't until later in the afternoon when we went out for another walk that I discovered what Sadie had found. I hadn't looked at the pictures on the camera card yet...She picked up her treasure; I got a closer look.

Oh my! It was an antler shed. Where there is one just maybe there would be another. I headed back out to the fence line by the thicket,then I went back to the edge where I found the remains of the little buck. There not 10 feet away was the match for the antler Sadie had taken. My interest sparked, I headed for the adjacent pasture ,and found another little shed. The last one for a few days until weather and time allowed.
We have done some intermittent searches with varied results.

I have found skeletal remains from an estimated four years old to positively the present. Running into 7 hide piles and miscellaneous bones - it looked like they had been ambushed in the deeryard. There were three in one group yesterday and four in the group I found today.

 For some reason I  kept forgetting to take a picture of the shed before I picked it up. This time I remembered!

Now, I am going through some trail camera picture to see if I can match the tines to the bucks. There are a couple of pictures that I believe puts a flesh and blood owner to the one pictured on the ground and to the left in the group shot.

Take a look and see if you agree. It seems this Roman nosed fellow just might be a good match. The antler to your left as you look straight at his picture...He has been a camera hog on more than one occasion. He even tried licking the lense one night.

It looks like he is around to start a new set of antlers for me to find again next year.

Time to see if I can find owners for the rest of them.

To date me and Sadie have jointly found 7 antlers of various sizes and one that I removed from the buck that I was given by hunters hunting our property in December.

Five out of the eight antlers has considerable wear or an injury during the developmental stage causing some thickening at that point. The big 4 point to the right appears to have potentially been a five but the  tine was broken off early in development,leaving a hole in the middle. All have character.

A few more days and another direction should  be enough to finish the Whitetail Shed Hunting season for me.

I want to wish all of you that have an interest for collecting ... Good shed hunting!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waterfowl Fill the Air

This is the start to one of the best times of the year around Timber Life.Soon to be Spring!

February 20,2011
In February, we started to see both geese and ducks starting to arrive what seemed to be around three weeks earlier than last year.The up and down temperatures were playing with Mother Nature's inner clock. She sent advance sentinels to clear the way for the rest of the troops to come swishing through.

They would fly from one direction to another looking for a place to sit down. The empty cornfields became places of rest and recuperation, our local Marsh was still solid ice.

The unsteady temperatures brought low clouds and decreased visibility to the human eye.You would hear the honking and quacking, briefly catching a glimpse of the noise makers before they would  turn around and once again wing their way back into the chilly mist to look for a more hospitable location.

The activities now of the waterfowl fly-way have started to bring wave after wave of ducks and geese.

March 10,2011

Wednesday, late afternoon, I was on my way home from visiting my Mom when I found these birds sitting in the cornfields across the blacktop to the south of the Marsh.

The day ended with masses of geese seeking shelter where ever they could find it.

Yesterday , I got the chance to head over to the Marsh before the hoarfrost had started to fall from the trees and electric wires. Beautiful was the effect as it  ever so slowly gave way to the slightly warmer temperatures, turning the ice back into a flowing pool of water.

It appeared to be snowing for a time as the frost lost it's grip,tumbling to the ground where it collectively added to the puddles left by the remnants of the snow from a few days ago.

                                 Ducks and Geese were willing companions as they shared the
                                 amenities of the expanding open water.

                                I was guilty of disturbing the tranquility of our fine feathered 
                                friends. This is only a small example of the total number of 
                                birds temporarily giving us a look into their habits.

                                 I love to watch the geese working together to rise into the sky.
                                 An observation I would like to offer is the position of the tail
                                 feathers in correlation with wing position as they lift off in
                                 their group.

                                I definitely have been privileged to see the Spring migration
                                happening in the central Iowa Fly-way.   Certainly a most 
                                enjoyable transition from winter to warmer days...

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Forward

I see it's that time of year again...

                            There are a few ways to say it...

                                      Don't forget!

Time for us to set the clock forward at 2:00 A.M.Sunday morning to begin our Daylight Savings Time, or more conveniently, when you head to bed the night before if you don't pull all nighters on the weekends.

I am one of those people who has a readjustment curve when the semi-annual changes come. How does it affect you?