Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Getting Out of Iowa

It had been a year and a half since I got into the car to break beyond the Iowa state boundaries. Time to make a visit to Jamestown,ND  for the Christmas Holiday.

Hubby and I decided to take off after he got home from work on Wednesday, December 22nd. Being in between weather fronts and questionable travel conditions became our focus so we could make  a visit to our daughter and her husband.

I worked at getting the car loaded for our trip off and on through the day as I got things organized. Sadie, our wonder dog, was sure interested in all the activity because her bed had just taken up a spot on the backseat of our little Chevy. She loves a ride and decided that it was time to go,only it wasn't, so she sat, and sat, and sat some more...The only thing that made her leave the perch in the driver's seat after 45 minutes was the promise of a "chew". Our definition of one of the treats she gets to enjoy.

Hubby got home in the late afternoon, then we headed west on Highway 30 to make our northbound connection on Interstate 35 at Ames.

The day was cloudy,the season newly becoming winter, left the late afternoon gloomy and swiftly losing the light of day.
Barilla pasta factory at Ames.

My passion of late is to take pictures on the run - highway speed. Most of the pictures in the next couple posts will be taken from the little Chevy...

We made our way to Clear Lake for the first fuel stop.Then we were ready to continue on our way through to the Twin Cities where we caught Interstate 94.

Making one last stop at  Rogers,MN., we got the car fueled up before setting out on the last leg of the first part of our journey.

Jamestown,North Dakota  here we come! ;)