Saturday, March 12, 2011

Waterfowl Fill the Air

This is the start to one of the best times of the year around Timber Life.Soon to be Spring!

February 20,2011
In February, we started to see both geese and ducks starting to arrive what seemed to be around three weeks earlier than last year.The up and down temperatures were playing with Mother Nature's inner clock. She sent advance sentinels to clear the way for the rest of the troops to come swishing through.

They would fly from one direction to another looking for a place to sit down. The empty cornfields became places of rest and recuperation, our local Marsh was still solid ice.

The unsteady temperatures brought low clouds and decreased visibility to the human eye.You would hear the honking and quacking, briefly catching a glimpse of the noise makers before they would  turn around and once again wing their way back into the chilly mist to look for a more hospitable location.

The activities now of the waterfowl fly-way have started to bring wave after wave of ducks and geese.

March 10,2011

Wednesday, late afternoon, I was on my way home from visiting my Mom when I found these birds sitting in the cornfields across the blacktop to the south of the Marsh.

The day ended with masses of geese seeking shelter where ever they could find it.

Yesterday , I got the chance to head over to the Marsh before the hoarfrost had started to fall from the trees and electric wires. Beautiful was the effect as it  ever so slowly gave way to the slightly warmer temperatures, turning the ice back into a flowing pool of water.

It appeared to be snowing for a time as the frost lost it's grip,tumbling to the ground where it collectively added to the puddles left by the remnants of the snow from a few days ago.

                                 Ducks and Geese were willing companions as they shared the
                                 amenities of the expanding open water.

                                I was guilty of disturbing the tranquility of our fine feathered 
                                friends. This is only a small example of the total number of 
                                birds temporarily giving us a look into their habits.

                                 I love to watch the geese working together to rise into the sky.
                                 An observation I would like to offer is the position of the tail
                                 feathers in correlation with wing position as they lift off in
                                 their group.

                                I definitely have been privileged to see the Spring migration
                                happening in the central Iowa Fly-way.   Certainly a most 
                                enjoyable transition from winter to warmer days...