Saturday, December 17, 2011

Are You My Mother?

Miss Kitty the first time I saw her

This past summer, specifically July 27th,as my daughter visiting from North Dakota and I were returning from a visit with her Grandma & and truck driving Uncle in Des Moines...We came across an unusual sight in the drive in front of us,across the field from Timber Life.

The little kitty seemed lost and at the time... keeping company with the big doe standing tall for her own candid moment. As we sat and watched for a while the kitty tried to get the attention of the doe. Did she want to play or was she plying the Dr. Suess story question "Are You My Mother"? I believe this little one was a member of another household and dropped off in the country for one reason or another.

A few days later, on one of the hottest days of the week, the kitty showed up on our deck...Meowing loudly as if to share how hungry she was and needing some help to weather the elements.
She didn't even wander into the shade when the heat of the sun came around the house, bearing down oppressively on any creature touched by it's light.

I didn't have any cat food  so I scrambled up some eggs with a little cheese for a couple of days.

Learning a little later that dog food could be a substitute for a short time. That I could do!

Our dog Sadie has been an only pet for 3 and a half years...Now, sharing an owner is still a challenge,but at times they can share the same deck.

Miss Kitty is an outside cat, because we aren't prepared to have an indoor cat, not that she hasn't made an attempt to change that status.

Sadie is a guardian against  feral cats, raccoons, and opossums, wanting to dine on the morsels in kitty's bowl. Sadie sits by the steps ready for a chase if something comes to push Miss Kitty aside.

Slaps without a sting, and clawing at a wood post leaving no shredding,  revealed that she had been declawed.

In spite of lacking her front claws Miss Kitty is a stealthy huntress in her own right. She brought me gifts of her kills shortly after she came. I have become a trusted friend.

Not long after her arrival on one of the many walks in the yard with Sadie, Miss Kitty, joined the outing. Now, when I go to pickup the trail camera card and she gets a late start for the excursion, you can hear a mini-stampede come rustling through the dry leaves of fall until she gets to my location. I wasn't expecting her one day and Sadie was off at a distance, but still within my forward view...Turning to see what was in swift pursuit , I had to laugh, Miss Kitty was in  high speed to become a part of the group.

I haven't had a cat since I was a child, way back when.My choice to put food out was more, or less, "You aren't going to die on my watch", reaction.

Now we have been adopted and Miss Kitty has put on weight, so we will see how long nature will keep us together...