Monday, January 2, 2012

Deer Stand Row

I want to pick-up where I left off in the last post...

Ah yes! Deer Stand Row as I have titled it. I have had several opportunities to see the stands in winter and summer. Most definitely harder to locate some of them during the summer months with foliage all around. My picture taking on the way home always seemed to point out the driver's side of the car , because our trip west a few days before came during the dark of night.

Coming up to the Pelican Lake area started my field searches - ending around Brandon...All my pictures taken in this post  are at Interstate speed. No stopping to get a good shot.

Here is the first deer stand that I caught sight of and was able to capture a digital image of on our way home. I did see others that I didn't have a chance to get pictures of because as soon as I saw them we were gone.

Even though winter allowed  for trees to be leafless, some stands were still camouflaged by tucking them into the edges of field and tight treelines.

The deer stands that I saw most were of the elevated varieties...since they stood out the most.

Hurry! Hurry! This one was taken out the back passenger window on the Driver's side of the car from the front passenger seat.

I was glad to have Hubby's set of eyes to help survey the countryside. Trying to see both directions north and south of our traveling lanes kept my head going back and forth...Whiplash!
This deer stand brings to conclusion today's "Deer Stand Row" post and  is my belongs to Long Lake Lodge  at Brandon,MN. Oh to have a double decker like that one!

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