Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Favorite Coffee Bean Provider

Smokey Row Coffee Company
 Last Saturday, I was out and about in the South Central part of Iowa, Pleasantville to be more specific.

Having some time to fill before attending a family Bridal Shower, I drove around town looking for a few things to capture on camera.

Ah,yes! And to stop by a coffee shop  for which I had become familiar through a retail grocery store in Des Moines, and then online

I like grinding my own beans fresh every morning, mid-morning, and um yes...just after noon. You could call me a caffeine junky.

I am not into the sweet coffee mixtures,except maybe a splash of cream, and some stevia occasionally - brew it for me mild roast, please!

My Preferences at the Moment
From left to right: Peace Organic Blend, Ethiopia Yergacheffe, Organic Green Truck and Tanzania.

There is one other I have used, but need to wait to bring it back into the cupboard. It is also another organic blend called "Blue Truck".

So, if you enjoy trying new coffee, stop by the shop, or visit them online.

This is simply my take on a product I enjoy...


Anonymous said...

We have a favorite coffee shop here, too. Always a treat to go there.

CDGardens said...

vicomtesse- It is a treat to enjoy a good cup of coffee and have an unhurried conversation.

Anonymous said...

I found another good shop this weekend!

CDGardens said...

vicomtesse - Wonderful! An online presence too?

Robert Mahan said...

Yeah, me too. I’m a little OC when it comes to my morning coffee. I usually just buy on any other time of the day except during mornings. I don’t know, but I take pleasure in making my own coffee. It’s not the best, I know, but drinking my own mix of latte makes me feel at home. :]

-->Robert Mahan

CDGardens said...

I haven't attempted roasting my own beans at this point.

So far the only home mixture I have attempted is cream and sugar. I know, I know...status quo.