Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Cabela's Stop and Shop - December 26,2010

Welcome to the Rogers, MN Cabela's. I had been passed this location before, but today would be my first visit to checkout the interior design.

The clouds disappeared and the sun beamed brightly as we came into the Minneapolis suburbs.New fallen snow added a great touch for the Christmas holiday.
Kayaks anyone?!? I know at least one person who has gotten into kayaking to be able to glide across the Iowa reservoirs and rivers  to watch the wildlife that frequents those habitats.

At this point I am not inclined to get that close to dipping into the rivers or reservoirs.

I was impressed with the collection of layout duck blinds hanging by the front door. Should I start hunting geese from my fields I would consider one of these to keep me concealed at the edge of the feeding decoys.
Cabela's was a very busy place for a Sunday forenoon, of course it was the day after Christmas. What should I expect?  The shopping experience for my Christmas present from Hubby was a good one. We shopped for a specific item and  was pleased with customer service, even on one of the busiest days of the season.

After our visit to Cabela's, we were off to Culver's for a bite to eat, and then it was time to get back on the road to complete the last part of our Christmas excursion that Hubby and I started late afternoon of Wednesday the 22nd.

Making our way past the Owatonna Cabela's we got back into the clouds we had escaped a couple hours to the north. Reaching this point I was glad to know that in 2 1/2 hours we would be arriving home. The 6 inches of new fallen snow, and wind, the day before our return brought into question the condition of our 1/2 mile long drive. Would our pick-up be able to get us from the road to the house? Unfortunately, we ended up walking  a little over a quarter of a mile...grabbing only the things that we could carry without too much added stress - drifts , balancing acts and all you know. We were uncertain of what lye ahead.

 The good thing, even with our little hike, we did make it home before dark as planned.It was time to unwind...