Friday, January 27, 2012

The Great Salt Lick

I am sure with winter weather knocking at your door, wherever you might live that receives snow,  traveling on the  highways have added an extra coat of road additives to the side of your car or truck. Heading to the car wash gets a bit laborious to keep it clean.

Here at Timber Life we always have some assistance with giving our vehicles a bath without moving them from their parking spot.

It wasn't until three or four  years ago we actually had this kind of activity start, a mystery for a time.

The rock salt and brine used here in Iowa seems to have a twofold purpose; one for the road, and after the animals found it a dietary mineral source.

These pictures were taken last weekend...

Checking Saturday this side of the car was almost licked clean by our nocturnal visitors and they were starting on the other side.

Yes,you may have already guessed! The deer are the culprits.

Rain came and washed the car the rest of the way.
I guess I will have to go somewhere now the car has gotten cleaned off to renew the mineral content.

However, after today's snow possibilities and cold this weekend, the weather forecast is, let me rub my eyes here,  for up to 50 degrees on Monday and 40's the rest of the week . Spring for the first week of February?!?

With the unseasonable temperatures it has given me more of a chance to take advantage of walks in the timber and fields. Check back to see who goes along...