Saturday, January 28, 2012

Afternoon Walk -Wednesday

Wednesday morning started with taking care of things for my Mom. Grocery shopping , catching up on important business communications, checking on the schedule for upcoming appointments etc....

Coming home to get the paperwork done it was time for a change of pace by mid-afternoon, I wanted to take advantage of the mild temperatures.Snow continued to carpet the ground as I set out to scope the landscape for deer sheds. Hearing about others beginning to be successful on their quest for collecting had sent the twitch through me to see if anything was laying around here yet...
Miss Kitty pussy footing through the snow

I alluded to my walking companions in my last post.

Bless her little heart this is the second outing Miss Kitty followed my usual walking buddy and me through the snow.

The last occasion she went with us, she would stop,  yowl,look around and keep on coming. She could have gone back to the house...silly thing just kept following. I can truly say I have been adopted.

Sadie was having a great time running everywhere to checkout the scents galore. She stopped sniffing for a minute when I called to get her to look at me. 

I'll have to admit she has become quite a ham when the camera gets pulled out. That is unless I make a motion for heading out the door first.

 Poor girl always gets messy paws, and wet all over in this type of weather with snow, or mud, but I know she doesn't mind.

Sadie always must lead the way and  Miss Kitty wanted to be in front of me at this point in our expedition. The challenge began!

These two always have a season of discontent before they finally get on with the task at hand.

I can't remember now how many seasons of discontent there were while we were out.

Sadie and Miss Kitty listen to Ruby bay

Attention! Attention,PLEASE!!!

Ruby, our neighbor's Tree Walking Coonhound was visiting on the southside of our property with her owner. They had come to check a  raccoon trap.

Little Ruby doesn't go anywhere without announcing her approach...while she is riding in the pickup anyway. Last summer we had some excitement when she took off and wouldn't answer our calls. Created a worry for a time.

Picking up where I left off before Ruby dropped in - I was still batting zero in my search for sheds this Wednesday afternoon, so I headed the pack back home over another trail in the chance I might pass an antler tucked in a conspicuous spot. By the time we got close to the house the cat was lagging far behind and we came straggling in just in time for the animals to eat their supper.

As it stands now I  am going to have to keep looking, because my score remained at zero for this shed hunting expedition...