Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nature's Happy Valentines Wishes

Yes, I would say this is certainly most often what comes to mind when one thinks of Valentines. A guy or gal with a vision of his/her love, one for the other in their eyes ...

Definitely one of Mother Nature's ways of bringing a quickening to the heart rate of the human animal.

Moving onto another aspect Mother Nature chooses for making our world complete is the wild animals that
bless our presence with color and song..

I was snapping pictures through my kitchen window of this Cardinal couple hanging out eating Burning Bush seeds last year at Valentines.

It didn't take long for me to envision something more...Using Picnik.com I was able to find some photo editing additions that enabled me to put together a nature inspired greeting.

Learning a few things about differences of  web based and print pictures - sometimes the best results for presentation is to keep it online. This one is included in that presentation type. I discovered it to be so recently.
My second nature inspired Valentine came to me January 10th, this year, when I was out snapping some images as the moon rose through the timber.

However, it wasn't until later, extremely early one morning, as I was going through my pictures and noticed that I had a Heart.  I needed to flip it over, but sure enough my hand had jiggled at the right moment to give me two distinct sides.

I want to wish all the lovers of outdoor pursuits,and those that are not so inclined as well, a Happy Valentines from Timber Life!

Here's hoping you will find a way to share what you find enjoyable with the ones you hold near and deer...:)