Sunday, March 11, 2012

Tailgate Art

Yesterday , Hubby and I took off to do some shopping for supplies.

The parking lot was busy with others of like mind, must be the sunshine, and warmth, spurring us all to get started on Spring time projects.

We had loaded our purchase out in the yard, but needed  a couple more things from inside before we left for home.

Passing a brilliantly decorated tailgate on one of the pickups, as we pulled into a parking spot in front of the store,piqued my curiosity. It had pheasants and hunting dogs on 3/4 of the tailgate, and the other 1/4 was painted with a picture of a house.

Rolling down the window on our pickup, I twisted around,pointed the camera in the direction of the tailgate, and took different zoom pictures so I could read the writing.

I LOVE it!

This picture is a beautiful artist's rendering of the Iowa fall landscape  - Pheasant hunting season.

I did some sleuthing ...

What I found for the lindenhouse  and  local attractions... A Lynnville, IA  Bed&Breakfast.

This is what I found for bigsprings at Searboro east of Lynnville on IA Highway 146.

The more I read the more connections I make - Brownells Inc., located at Montezuma, owns  the Big Springs Range to support all aspects of legal gun ownership.  Take a minute and checkout what they are doing  in association with their retail operation.

Ah, for the eye-catching  design on the  tailgate of a pickup  for advertising purposes. Definitely made me look!