Thursday, July 20, 2017

Crop Duster

We go through the summer season here at Timber Life with our eyes to the sky.

Actually, I guess we could say that about anytime of the year. Life gives us so many wonderful things to focus upon. 

The other day I heard a familiar sound floating about the neighborhood. My curiosity got the best of me.Just had to look!

I knew it could be a Crop Duster beginning the task of blanketing the corn, to protect it from the damage caused by unchecked insect populations. So, of course I grabbed my camera and headed outside!

This was a turn around trip to get headed back over an adjacent field. There were a few of them to cover the area.

A few times while I watched the plane,I smiled due to the proximity of the plane to the trees.

I knew the pilot had experience from the way he was darting and dipping, up and over the terrain.

After the first couple of trips over the field pictured above I took refuge inside the backdoor to continue shooting pictures.

I wish I could have gotten an under belly shot of the aircraft passing directly over the Ridge of the roof.

As you may have gathered already, I like taking aerial shots of flying objects from a ground elevation.

This was a finishing shot ...Time for the plane to pass on to another section,to supply a film of protection for the investment already planted.

Have a Great Day !

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Garden of Eatin'

Last year I had a great year for garden produce in the Garden of Eatin' ,after not seriously planting a garden for years it was a wonderful reward.

Although a challenge  came in July, when I came down with a Pneumonia like respiratory ailment, I continued to harvest and share what the garden provided.

The planting season of 2016 allowed me to have most of my harvesting done  by early  September...I had bunches of pumpkins,and varied squashes as the year of plenty came to a close.

This year, I've had somewhat of a setback for getting things accomplished. Timing  and the determination to get things haven't always gone hand-in-hand.

I did find some great looking tomatoes and a calibrachoa to plant at Victorian Acres  south of Adventureland in Altoona.

Pictured to our left is an Heirloom Tomato variety called Mortgage Lifter.

It is a Beefsteak variety that can reach up to 2 lbs. per fruit, an indeterminate plant that sprawls to nine feet.

The developer of the breed is said to be Willam Estler of Barboursville, West Virginia, in 1922, but not register by him until 1932.

Questions have been raised about whether, or not Mr. Estler was  actually the developer, since some sources of information attribute  development to M.C. "Radiator Charlie" Byles in Logan, West Virginia in the early 1930's. I've heard it became a form of income during the Depression. Possibly another questionable fact passed through the generations?

I'll have to let you know at a later time if I get a harvest.
This year I bought Burpee's Better Boy plants for the cages

 I planted 6 tomatoes in the garden,4 in cages and 2 left to sprawl,all of them have constant prunings that will probably continue as the new growth emerges.

Then planted to the right of the caged tomatoes were 3 - Eggplants, and 8 Pepper plants. Yesterday, 1 Eggplant and 4 Pepper plants still are rooted.

To the back of the garden I planted green beans.The green beans have been nibbled down to the junction under the first set of leaves after reaching what appeared to be a promising future. Harvest not expected....

Many years ago I manufactured my own tomato cages from concrete reinforcing wire. I had been disappointed by the ones provided in the retail establishments. Now, I can have healthy TOMATO PLANTS.

 One of my favorite tomatoes now is the Russian Black Krim.
It's one of those items that was introduced to me by another person who found it to be tasty. My Mom always was trying things...I saw it advertised in the Heirloom  sections of the seed catalogs, but of course taking that step to try it only came after some produce sampling and encouragement from one who couldn't grow it on her own.

It is a dark fleshed, firm, sweet fruit and well worth a try if you aren't familiar with it already.

 I continue to look for a possible tomato harvest from the interior of the tomato cages and as a backup, a potted plant. 

Not to give total authority to the denizen of the Timber I planted two pepper plants in pots as well.

Here's wishing you all, "Have a Great Day!"
Part of My 2017 Denizen of Timber Life...Aren't they cute?!?!?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Iowa Falls July 4th Fly-in

The morning came early for me, so I bided my time by checking the weather, and watching conditions out the backdoor as the sun rose.

The plans to attend the Iowa Falls July 4th Fly-in were in a brief holding pattern due to developing fog in the area. Pulling up the AWC Aviation weather we plotted our course for ground travel since the Voisin 35 is still in the shop .
The wind generators along HWY 65 were shrouded with fog on our way north.
There were two planes that stopped the show for me...

The Jet in center stage is called the Milleneum Phenom, made alot of  us  take time to snap some pictures.

Interesting to know that it hails from Mason City. Awesome Plane!!!

Then the second plane that made waves for me was the amphibian version of the Cessna 182T plane,also flying in from Mason City.

Due to the weather there wasn't a large number of aircraft while we were at the airport, but I've shared the ones that caught my eye. A few even attended the EAA 675 Fly-in on September 16,2016 Checkout my Facebook page to see my collection there...please click here

Here's hoping you had a safe 4th as well.

Have a Great Day!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Our Celebration

We found ourselves back in river country to celebrate our Anniversary...

The Saylorville Dam park system is a favorite spot for almost any special occasion in our book. They have some really nice shelters that provide
grills on the inside,  put a fire in the Barbecue for ambiance on a cool day, or if you like the outdoor grilling experience you can find that too.

Eyes to the Sky were key words for the after barbecue festivities.We kept our eyes scanning all sides of the river and the airspace around us...
Blue Herons - Photo by Corey Butcher

Blue Heron - Photo by Dianna Butcher

Blue Heron - Photo by Dianna Butcher

If it isn't one kind of bird it's another! Photo by Dianna Butcher

 We found ourselves  beginning to have some competition with strong breezes and developing clouds. It was a surprise to see this little Cirrus circling Ankeny airspace in the pattern it had chosen.

Photo by Dianna Butcher

If you've reached some years of  life experiences,do you ever go back to see your first home? Whether it be where you lived as a child growing up, or maybe after the schooling and onto the becoming Man and Wife part of life.

You've heard the word "We" used multiple times in this post; of course that was the subject for the day.

We decided to check-out our humble beginning.

As a young married couple we lived south of  Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary. We didn't attend but had the opportunity to meet some fine individuals that were apart of the Music Ministry studies at the time. I was invited to play their piano that occupied a great deal of space within their apartment. My knowledge of the keyboard wasn't as great as theirs but was told my sight reading ability was good. I smiled and said "Thank you"...

Well, it's time to close this little post and wish everyone a "Have a Great Day!"

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

We Celebrate Today

What a Wonderful day the Lord gave us to become Man and Wife! On June 28,1975, at Noble Center United Methodist Church, we stood before God,our officiating Pastor ,friends and family.

We shared our vows 42 years ago with the people that were/are important to us in our lives. Our paths with some haven't been crossed since that time. However, the memories still remain.

Our family is grown now...We have just experienced the High School Graduation of our oldest Grandchild. All of our life events continue to add to our relationship.

I'm honored to share with you and to still call him my Husband and Helpmate given to me by God...Corey Butcher.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Let's Celebrate

Life keeps moving on...

Corey has completed his work on the Replica Fighter Association's 2017 Pre-Oshkosh Airventure magazine. Now that it has been finished, and we've celebrated our oldest Grandson's Graduation, more time will be focused on working on our Voisin 3\5 rebuild.

Sunday evening we brought the fuselage up the drive to get the rigging started for the wings...

We did a little maneuvering to move the fuselage into the shop, removing both sliding glass doors and taking off the radiator made everything workout as planned.

Next step after that will be fabric application. We keep moving bit by bit closer to the goal of getting the Voisin 3\5 air bound.

Corey gave me a smile before he got back to rigging the bottom right wing this evening.

Corey was making everything look real easy as I watched him thread the steel cable into his modified strut attachments.

Please forgive me if I don't have the proper name for the thingy-ma-jigs. All I know at the moment is that Everything is looking GooD!
Corey shared that his goal for this evening was to get the center section attached so he could lift the top wing into place and get that rigged as well.

Before I left the shop I wanted to get a view from the fuselage, and the length of the new wing.

I can only imagine how it will allow for faster travels and maybe a little more stability in winds up to 20 mph. Corey has always been a safe flyer and due to his experiences knows the limits of his craft. 

We've shared this picture below before on the Voisin 3/5 website...I snapped the picture of The Last Flight of 2007 from our grass strip in November. The weather was getting to cold for the Voisin 3/5 open cockpit flights so after it's return, things were prepped for winter storage.

It is our hope that Corey will be able to get some aerial photographs yet this year.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Voisin 35 on Facebook

This Timber Life  blogpost is in support of a Facebook post by the builder of Voisin 35, Corey Butcher...

Facebook Post Published by Corey Butcher · May 4 at 3:59pm ·

All four wings are ready for final cleanup and cover. Hope to start on that sometime in June.

 Here are some photos of the top center section. I thought I had it ready to go, but I decided to make a slight change. I don't like the center compression plate with separate halves. (This is not the way the plans are. It is a left over from the prototype.)

You can see it in the third photo. So I am going to do a little bit more modification here. I'll detail it later.

Thank you for stopping by Timber Life, more Voisin 35 updates on the way.

Have a Great Day!

Saturday, May 20, 2017

White Tail Institute Soil Testing

Thank you Whitetail Institute of North America Staff for doing an impromtu picture at the Iowa Deer Classic 2017!

It had been some years back that I purchased some seed samples for mini-plots at another Iowa Deer Classic. You can find my growth results written  here on September 2, 2010.

I'd done some research on the Whitetail Institute website about their soil sampling kits...Since I've not personally had our soils tested here at Timber Life, I wanted to verify some information I had classified by reading.  So, this year instead of buying the tests online I found the booth...I bought two of their limited supply.

The tendency of our Timber soils indicated to me a sour disposition with all the vegetation pointing in that direction. Makes sense,right?!? I had an idea of how negative the pH balance was by the specific plants that were flourishing, but to provide the proper environment to unlock the nutrients for a balanced diet for Man and Beast, I needed to do the soil test,to have my own results.

I sent in soil samples from two different spots on our property to get an idea of the pH range I could expect to modify.

To find specific results some preliminary seed possibilities, just to get an idea of what would be needed was required.

Weed populations have increased over time on my plot...They are being addressed. 

Purple Top Turnips, used for human consumption was also implemented for Whitetail Deer and Turkey here in the past. The produce became sweet after the frost and a well consumed food source. You could say they, cleared the patch,eating it down to ground level.

The annual seeds shown are those  I might consider for planting for a fall crop after the weed population is under control. Then it will open up the potential for a perennial crop to be  planted next spring, or the chance for double cropping. Keep those Deer happy is my goal!

Thanks for stopping by Timber Life today....I like talking Deer.

Have a Great Day!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Voisin 35 Parts Cleaning Moving Forward

On March 29,2017, I began more refined fabric and tape removal from a wing section Corey brought up from the Hangar.

 I proceeded onto the tail section on April 3,2017, to remove fabric;  providing time support. My efforts  will allow Corey to focus on wing modifications.

I found a weakness to pierce the fabric as I followed along the hollow just under the frame.

As you can see I was able to loosen the tail covering in it's entirety - to
preserve for Corey's personal archives the N# flown by his initial proto-type...renewing it for modification number two.

A cleaned frame ready for a fresh application of fabric.

Time to get this tail in order.

Each section became a little easier to clean, because I developed a method of my own.

I didn't need to strip it in a bunch of tiny pieces, but managed to pull off entire sections with well placed cuts and a bit of opposing power.

Next came the upper and lower left ailerons ,with both the upper and lower right ailerons to follow at a later date.

Due to my skill level I've pretty much accomplished all I'll be able to do alone for now.

 Corey has ordered some stainless steel cable, 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30NF Green Glue and Aircraft Spruce has come through with some smaller parts  for the Voisin 35 at the present time.

We will be getting the order in for fabric and looking for a re-drive to to get the Geo Engine placed back in position to power-up.

Next post will show a few pictures of Corey's reworking of the wings...

Until then Have a Great Day!

Monday, May 8, 2017

The New Windsock Takes Air

Saturday morning it was time to take the Windsock frame off the hangar to get Corey's new one strapped into place.

Having the Windsock keeps an eye to the sky attitude...Good for a Pilot's altitude.

Almost all tied up!

As our luck would have it we needed to wait until the next day to get the windsock back on top of the Hangar due to a windspeed increase. The stability of trying to lift the frame pole against the drag of the wind would be impossible.


The Sunday afternoon winds were almost nothing coming over the warming ground of the bean fields.

We...I use the term loosely since I was the camera woman in command of documentation, got the Windsock up and filled with air.

Now, we can watch wind speed and direction, instead of an empty frame, that had become a perch to a few different species of birds.

Oh, and may I add? It adds color to the landscape in contrast to the soon to be rising  crops.