Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Voisin Reconstuction Begins

Our work space for the Voisin 3/5  rebuild has reached the point where we can now bring in the wings to start the process. A few days into the process it was decided another shop light was needed and has now been added for our low-light refurbishing hours.
 The Voisin 3/5 has suffered storage decay when she was parked in 2011, after a weather related mishap during a visit to the yearly Father's Day celebration at Gardner,KS ( please click Gardner,KS for a full story of the trip)led to instability in steering. Animal accessibilty caused some damage that has to be addressed to make the frame strong once more.We speculate that either a raccoon or possum had made a wonderful bed in the cockpit. A safe haven for sure from the elements!

Corey removed a top wing to bring to the workshop to begin stripping away the fabric. What a surprise! Asian beetles had found an inviting environment to share with a common denizen of the field,the mouse.

Time to take a closer look at what time and animal damage has done to the frame. The assessment for this wing has been done, lists are being written...Now we need the weather to warm-up again to get the cleaning accomplished.

This is our goal...to modify the proto-type wings to make it easier to disassemble and assemble for easier transporting long distances. We want to see her finding her way back into the air, to see her rise again to greater heights....

 For more information on plans to build your own Voisin 3/5please click here.

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