Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nebraska Travels

 Good Day All! Time for me to start filling in more information and pictures to bring us up to speed on our fall trip to celebrate a special occasion for me.

As we traveled between Omaha and Aurora,NE. there were so many things that caught my photographer's eyes. Of course I can't share all of them at once... So, I'll just get going and see what we can get accomplished today.

I caught  a low-flying  airborne object glinting in the sun headed over Eastbound Interstate 80 traffic several times ,east of Aurora. When it became apparent that it was a plane, it began cutting north to make it's circle to drop what we believe was seed in the practice of Aerial Seeding for cover crops.

Taking pictures out the passenger side window I followed him as his path went away and returned at least four times until we caught up to him.

This was the last pass as we drove out of camera range.

 There are eleven westbound Rest Areas scattered along the 455 mile Interstate 80 system through the State.

This particular  Rest Area introduced us to the upcoming Great American Desert , which was located 50 miles to our west.Please click here to find out  facts about the desert.

This Great Platte River Road Archway Monument an oasis that has been photographed by many a traveler - the challenge will be repeated by many more  as others enjoy their travels through Nebraska .
The day was bright and clear...

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post my photographer's eyes kept scanning the roadway and fields.

Look what we SAW!

Does anyone remember who this famous British cartoon character's name might be?

If I'm not mistaken,given a few years of exposure by our grandchildren and nephews , it would be Thomas the Tank Engine getting a lift to his next destination!

Ending the post on a cheery note! I'll be working on more pictures and thoughts to share.

Glad you are riding along to catch the views. Have a Great Day!