Friday, May 5, 2017

Pella Tulip Time in Retrospect

Looking back in retrospect at my pictures of Pella Tulip Time 2015 and 2017...I gave a glimpse of what you can experience if you choose to participate.

Our visit in 2015 was on the Saturday morning of the Festival. They had a display of antique work horses (OH! And Yes! Standing beside the orange tractor is a Favorite Individual,Subject , my husband Corey) and a Flea Market where we found some bottled home brewed Root Beer from Missouri. I bought an Heirloom Brandywine tomato plant from a young woman who showed me her interest in horticulture and some potholders from a vendor who made nothing else but varied fabric patterned potholders. There were artists providing their interpretations of different media of expression.

I could understand the process of the Flea Market vendor because I myself,CDGardens, spent the summer of 2001 growing and hauling what I had planted,cultivated,harvested,cleaned and packaged from my garden on my own. It was a learning experience that I didn't repeat because of the other things I was responsible to accomplish. I wouldn't change the experience.

Digressing back to Pella Tulip Time,I would highly recommend the ambience of the Dutch Village...

Have a Great Day!