Monday, May 8, 2017

The New Windsock Takes Air

Saturday morning it was time to take the Windsock frame off the hangar to get Corey's new one strapped into place.

Having the Windsock keeps an eye to the sky attitude...Good for a Pilot's altitude.

Almost all tied up!

As our luck would have it we needed to wait until the next day to get the windsock back on top of the Hangar due to a windspeed increase. The stability of trying to lift the frame pole against the drag of the wind would be impossible.


The Sunday afternoon winds were almost nothing coming over the warming ground of the bean fields.

We...I use the term loosely since I was the camera woman in command of documentation, got the Windsock up and filled with air.

Now, we can watch wind speed and direction, instead of an empty frame, that had become a perch to a few different species of birds.

Oh, and may I add? It adds color to the landscape in contrast to the soon to be rising  crops.