Thursday, May 18, 2017

Voisin 35 Parts Cleaning Moving Forward

On March 29,2017, I began more refined fabric and tape removal from a wing section Corey brought up from the Hangar.

 I proceeded onto the tail section on April 3,2017, to remove fabric;  providing time support. My efforts  will allow Corey to focus on wing modifications.

I found a weakness to pierce the fabric as I followed along the hollow just under the frame.

As you can see I was able to loosen the tail covering in it's entirety - to
preserve for Corey's personal archives the N# flown by his initial proto-type...renewing it for modification number two.

A cleaned frame ready for a fresh application of fabric.

Time to get this tail in order.

Each section became a little easier to clean, because I developed a method of my own.

I didn't need to strip it in a bunch of tiny pieces, but managed to pull off entire sections with well placed cuts and a bit of opposing power.

Next came the upper and lower left ailerons ,with both the upper and lower right ailerons to follow at a later date.

Due to my skill level I've pretty much accomplished all I'll be able to do alone for now.

 Corey has ordered some stainless steel cable, 3M Fastbond Contact Adhesive 30NF Green Glue and Aircraft Spruce has come through with some smaller parts  for the Voisin 35 at the present time.

We will be getting the order in for fabric and looking for a re-drive to to get the Geo Engine placed back in position to power-up.

Next post will show a few pictures of Corey's reworking of the wings...

Until then Have a Great Day!