Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our Evening at Estes Park - Part Two

On our outing for the evening we scouted for future lodging around Lake Estes...Now,we are familiar with names and locations so we know what to look for when we plan another vacation,or can offer a suggestion. It certainly helps to know how the establishment appears from the street to determine whether or not it is a possibility to seek renting a room. 

This little cabin was our accomodation during our stay in 2015 with our family. It's required stay of two days was longer than the overnight we had allotted for our visit last September.

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On our last stay in June 2015 I saw Mule Deer bucks across the road,a coyote running along the little creek to the back of the cabin and we were told by one of our kids another guest had informed them a bear had gone through the compound.

Please forgive my huntress side, but apart of me was on alert to the fact a bear could have been through, because of being awakened in the night ,due to sounds of bumping along our cabin and later the discovery of animal scat pictured here.

I was searching the yard for evidence of wildlife when I came across more than one sample. It was found to the left of the trees between the tree line and the cabin.

So, if you are in need of getting a close look at mother nature you'll not be disappointed with adding Estes Park,CO. as a vacation destination...

Have a Great Day!