Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Cabela's Rapid City,South Dakota

What a change I was able to see in the building site from September 30,2007 until we made it back to check out the finished structure on September 29,2017.

It was an exciting visit to see familiar offerings for the Waterfowl Hunting season...The Archery Section, Trail Camera's,  and a huge  Outfitter Walled Tent by Montana with stove, making an adrenaline rush happen for me. I'm really not a camper but given a bed in a tent that looks almost like a small house...Why not give it a try?!?

After we checked into a few of the displays on our own, we spoke to a Sales Associate who had family ties in our home state. We spoke at length about where to possibly find some Mountain Goats and Sheep to photograph the next day, since we were beginning to weary from the early call of the Buffalo Roundup. We got an idea where we might look in the morning, then Corey and I took off to visit a few more sections of the store before heading out.

We will not hesitate to go wander the aisles of the Rapid City Cabela's when we get back in the Hills.

Here's wishing you...Have a Great Day!