Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Saturday Afternoon Timber Walk

Last Saturday afternoon was a great day to be out in the Timber. Our dog Sadie and I were out rambling around to see what we could see.

Upon our entering the timber proper we displaced a group of deer basking in the warm rays of the sun. They ran further to the east of us only to doubleback  as Sadie and I took our time searching every inch for tines or signs of what could be passing our way.

Pictured above is one young buck who didn't really want to give up his spot that he vacated when we so rudely interrupted. It was awesome to see him come full bore towards us without seeing  us off to his leftside. As he stopped to test the wind blowing into his face...He turned his head a few times and then focused on our direction as he flicked his tongue to catch scent particles.

Sadie has been winning the shed antler finders award here at Timber Life this year. Everytime we take a walk she comes pulling her prize in front of me. This was the third antler she's located and the second on our walk on Saturday. All of them had been gnawed to one degree or another.

 We started out scouring every inch but as we walked further our attention only hit was was evidently visible...I was the one to find a couple of old bones lying exposed ontop of the leaf debris. The bone in the bottom picture was shining in the sun from a distance which caught my eye, definitely has chew marks on the righthand edge.

Walking further Sadie and came across a few turkey feathers while we surveyed the ground. I had to encourage Sadie to "please wait to disturb the feathers" until I could get a picture of them. This was the largest group we found, otherwise it was singletons either on the ground or protruding from different positions close to the ground, sticking out of fallen trees.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of what was going on during our ramble in the Timber...our Life if you will.Thanks for stopping by...

Here's wishing you Have a Great Day!