Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Visit to Strategic Air Command

Today, I want to go back to the beginning of the month, Saturday, April 7,2018, to be exact. It had been in the planning stages off an on for the last couple of years...A trip to the Strategic Air Command in Ashland,NE. of course!
A small group of the guys from Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 675 decided to head out for a field trip. My husband Corey, long-time EAA 675 Newsletter Editor and I picked-up a young flight instructor from Perry,IA by the name of Jonathan Walter. So he too could enjoy an outing, walking under the wings of our historic giant Warbirds.

As we drove up the entrance drive to the parking lot we were met with this glass atrium enclosure covering the SR - 71 Blackbird.

I really liked the color contrast of the Convair SM-65 Atlas missle standing guard over it's surrounding backdrop. The air was crip and warming as the sun spent more time hovering overhead.We found a space to park...wandered around outside snapping a few pictures and then ended up inside to start touring at our own paces. Thank you to the gentleman and his wife that each added their push the button presence to our club cameras.

Paul Adams -Club President, Dianna Butcher, Corey Butcher ,to the back of Corey,Jonathan Walter,
Robert Richtsmeier,Joaquin Williams in front and Dave McCurry rounds out our entourage for the day.


I won't be adding any pictures today of the Planes we saw during our visit to the two spacious display areas. However, please keep checking back for my view of the mammouth Warbirds.

I would like to share the storyboard that I found sitting  beside the SR-71 as we waited to gather for the club picture.

Taking words from the sign... Let's


Have a Great Day!

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Brazil Missionary Journey 2018

Thank you to Pastor Scott and Margaret Jones for the update on our Brazil Missonary Journey for 2018. I would like to share with you the opportunity to raise them up in prayer for continued safety...With their permission I'm forwarding pictures and letter to the Believers. 

Dear Faithful Saints,

We arrived safe and sound in Brazil a week ago today.  A big change from Iowa weather.  It has rained nearly everyday on and off but only one day where the streets in Recife were flooded and water over our tires.  

We have been busy buying both kit material and Bibles.  We have made one trip out into the interior (2 hours inland one way) and delivered a partial load of material for the kits for the teachers to put together.  We will be going back next week with the remaining materials and to distribute to the schools.

We have also purchased some of the Bibles to be distributed here in the Northeast of Brazil.  I will purchase more when I am in Rio the end of next week.  

Sending some pics of a couple of the locations where we buy the kit material and the Bibles/gospel tracts.  A number of my former seminary students continue to work at the Brazilian Bible Society. 

 Also you will see a small Boa Constrictor snake we encountered on our trip to the interior.

We want to thank all of you for your faithful prayers during our mission efforts here in Brazil.  We miss all of you and are so very grateful for you releasing us to minister to the Brazilian people.  The needs are great here as they are in many other parts of the world.  But most all, the people need Jesus Christ and His transforming power in their lives.

God is good, all the time!
Scott and Margaret Jones

I would like to ask that you keep the Jones on your prayer list.

Have a Blessed Day!