Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Next Stop Loveland CO

As we entered the Loveland,CO suburb of Johnstown my head turned to the left to follow as far as I could the huge new Scheel's  Sporting Goods store.

Looks like a great place to visit for one and all. I've found that they've included a 65 car Ferris Wheel,a mini-bowling alley,  an arcade etc...etc...etc...

To find out more at the company website, please click the links  at Scheel's Sporting Goods store.

Today had been full of countryside landscapes so I was ready for a change of  clusters of buildings that we saw closest to our traveled path within the Loveland City Limits.

Oh, LOOK! Mountains in the distance!!! 

This wind driven sculpture was the first one apparent  as we passed the Scheel's Sporting Goods store.

The skies were gray along our way and we did see the rain fall within visible driving distance around us but we weren't in any deluges coming into the city.

I appreciate greatly the new, updated colors and directional signs.

What an impressive sculpture! I know you would enjoy it much better in person. You'll find it located on Highway 34 on the Eastside of town .

Entering our airspace from the right, this jet flew over the hotel below as I kept snapping away to keep my mind alert.

Sitting at one of the traffic lights before we entered the Downtown Area...

This gentleman kept his puppy wrapped up so it couldn't wander away into traffic. I watched and wondered how the little tyke was being cared for???

Heading out of town on our way to Thompson Canyon we passed Lake Loveland.  After passing this body of water several times my curosity was piqued at the beginnings of the Lake construction. I've discovered it to have been reconstructed from a muddy marsh into a source of agricultural irrigation and over time has evolved into a municipal water source.  Please click Lake Loveland above to be enlightened if your curiosity has reached a level of need to know....

Getting to this point in Loveland made our next destination become more real. Getting through Thompson Canyon and then onto Estes Park!

Have a Great Day1