Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sharing My Blog Roll

We must be Simply Outdoors to lead a Blessed Crazy Life over at Deer Camp to hear Marian's Hunting Stories about the Hunting Life of Whitetail Woods. The Hunter's Wife ,Jody, has something to share about The Buck Hunters when they come back from Base Camp to share with whom ever will listen. Being avid huntresses in the blogging world The Wild Woodswoman - Dana, FS Huntress - Kim, and NorCal Cazadora - Holly have my attention and great respect. The Great Wild Outdoors of Alpha Trilogy , Backwoods Drifter, Othmar Vorhinger, Upland Feathers reminds me of a Huntin' Junky. I can't forget Mel over at The Fishing Notebook as a voice devoted to the sport. All men devoted to experiences that could take them to a meeting at the Outdoor Bloggers Summit next Spring. With most of us looking foward to the Timber Life we focus on how to Hunt Smart and Think Safety... (Please forgive me if I missed someone this time. I had to concentrate to accomplish this tribute. I have worked and worked to try to make the links active on more than one occassion...saving doesn't seem to work. I will not send this to the recycle bin once more, because it is worth being said in any event! ;) )