Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Iowa Falls July 4th Fly-in

The morning came early for me, so I bided my time by checking the weather, and watching conditions out the backdoor as the sun rose.

The plans to attend the Iowa Falls July 4th Fly-in were in a brief holding pattern due to developing fog in the area. Pulling up the AWC Aviation weather we plotted our course for ground travel since the Voisin 35 is still in the shop .
The wind generators along HWY 65 were shrouded with fog on our way north.
There were two planes that stopped the show for me...

The Jet in center stage is called the Milleneum Phenom, made alot of  us  take time to snap some pictures.

Interesting to know that it hails from Mason City. Awesome Plane!!!

Then the second plane that made waves for me was the amphibian version of the Cessna 182T plane,also flying in from Mason City.

Due to the weather there wasn't a large number of aircraft while we were at the airport, but I've shared the ones that caught my eye. A few even attended the EAA 675 Fly-in on September 16,2016 Checkout my Facebook page to see my collection there...please click here

Here's hoping you had a safe 4th as well.

Have a Great Day!