Sunday, December 10, 2006

Is this December?

I am beginning to wonder if we are going to have winter this year. The temperatures were reminiscent of those in middle to late April. Yes, just eleven days to the New Year. Today has been a very quiet day. The wildlife have taken a vacation from sight. Around 3:00 this afternoon the sound of a gunshot echoed in the distance, not at all like yesterday . When gunshot after gunshot could be heard in the surrounding countryside. There are 6 days left in this season for me to try my hand at becoming a successful deer hunter . The ability to take the deer by surprise in an instant doesn't exist. Dry leaves crackle under foot. Again this evening as yesterday the wind dropped to nothing at 4:20 as the low setting sun was casting long shadows in the timber. Daylight has slipped away...can't see the animals but I know they are around. Time for all of us to slumber ... Then we'll all rise to meet the morning light and begin the cycle over.